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Anti-glare/ Anti-fingerprint screenprotector

anti-glare screen protector
Anti-glare/ Anti-fingerprint screenprotector
Net price (excl.VAT) €105,90
A1Touch Solution
Anti-glare/ Anti-fingerprint foil : Price per meter, roll width 1040 mm, Grade No.: 170BU, Hardness: 4H, Base Film Thickness: 0.16+-0.003mm.
To prevent reflections and fingerprints on your touchscreen.  This anti-glare foil gives good view of your screen especially at sunny weather when reflections are a burden.
- The surface of your screen has to be smooth and clean to give optimal adhesion and visability of mounted foil.
- The orientation/ calculation of added foil should be following: width of roll is height of screen.
- The foil can be delivered per meter (roll width 1040mm) or cut in desired dimension
Specifications anti glare foil
PLEASE NOTE, Below Sales Price is based on price PER METER (roll width = 1040mm)