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A1Touch-M series

m1a small size pc
A1Touch-M1A, N3450 Intel micro pc

06.4 inch

10.4 inch

15 inch

15.3 inch

15.6 inch

17 inch

17 inch wide

18.5 inch

19 inch

19 inch wide

20.1 inch

22 inch

26 inch

32 inch

A1Touch-V series

mini computer v5-2 4xlan
A1Touch-V5-2, Celeron passive cooled 4*LAN mini pc
mini computer v6
A1Touch-V6, i7 passive cooled mini pc
micro pc V4-2 i7 all sides
A1Touch-V4-2, I7 active cooled micro pc
micro computer v4
A1Touch-V4, i7 passive cooled micro pc