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Profile set for AOD 101/104 /121/150/190w

aod bezel profile set 3d
Profile set for AOD 101/104 /121/150/190w
Net price (excl.VAT) €12,95
A1Touch Solution

Model:  AOD-150-170mm

Unit is in stock 


Profile_AOD-150-170mm, zinkor 1mm, for AOD 101/104/121/150/190w  Drawing:010201 (set of 2 pieces including screws) 

Profile suitable for following units:
mounting  L/R = Left/Right  & U/D =  Up/Down):

AOD 101   : L/R + U/D
AOD 104   : L/R + U/D
AOD 121   : L/R + U/D
AOD 150   : U/D
AOD 190w: L/R + U/D 


Drawing profile:

Specs profile set