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mini pc V1 upto V6 introduction

The V series of passively cooled (fanless) mini computers are designed for use under industrial conditions from normal up to demanding applications. This full-aluminum designed mini computers are available from very small, NUC format (series V4) upto the allrounder (series V1). All mini computers are energy saving (<15W). There certainly will be a mini computer available that meets your requirements. All computers are compatible with our touchscreens for almost all operating systems such as Windows Embedded, Win7, 8, 10 and Linux. All mini computers have dual vide ports and are supplied with power supply and cables. All PCs can be delivered from barebone model upto full option depending on the options you choose. We can also deliver with private label on request.

We are proud to introduce the following models:

V1 Computer

Robust housing with integrated flange for easy mounting. Specially designed for industrial purposes with 6 RS232 ports and multiple screw-on connectors. Intel i3 and i7 processor is available.
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V2 Computer

Tough but elegant black case for use as a mini desktop computer (vertically or horizontally). Powerful i7 processor and all the necessary connections for demanding tasks.
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V3 Computer

Beautiful square silver colored aluminum housing, Designed for use as a mini desktop computer (vertically or horizontally), The mini pc is quipped with i5 processor for general use.
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V4 Computer

Our smallest computer in NUC format 11x11x3.4 cm in black and silver anodized aluminum available. This device is small but very powerful based on the integrated Intel i7 processor.

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V5 Computer

Small low budget computer with an Intel Celeron processor for simple purposes. Thanks to the dual LAN port the PC can be used well as a small server or to log activities.
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V6 Computer

Very powerful system with Intel i7 processor, which is also emitted by the robust housing. Ideally suited for heavy work.
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