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New 4x lan mini pc and high performance micro pc added to our product line

V5-2 mini computer

The V5-2 passive cooled mini pc is added to the V5 series because of the 4x LAN ports.

With this feature you can have a low budget solution to log all kind of information coming from 4 different IP addresses.  

Some examples of utilisation are:
  • Small surveillance system for monitoring 4 camera's.
  • Server for data logging of checkout systems
  • Business/ Home server used as firewall for max 4 internal networks
  • Print server for max 4 printers.

  • Intel Celeron J1900 processor, 64 bits, 4 core, 4 tread up to 2.42 Ghz.
  • Passive cooled: No noise - No moving parts
  • Low energy consumption (10 Watt )
  • Full black anodised aluminium die casted enclosure

V5-2 mini computer

The V4-2 active cooled mini pc is added to the V4 series because of the high performance with 2x external video ports supporting 4K movies.

This is a very powerfull but small tool (nuc format) to achieve fast results.  

Some examples of utilisation are:
  • Visualisation of high quality films/ pictures 
  • Presentation - Meeting rooms for portable usage.
  • Powerfull desktop computer mounted with included vesa mount on back of monitor
  • Clean places with small spaces where our passive cooled systems have cooling problems

  • Intel i7-7500U processor, 64 bits, 4 core, 4 tread up to 3.5 Ghz.
  • 1x HDMI + 1x Mini Display Port dual display mode supported
  • Active cooled, but very silent - good cooling in case of bad ventialtion
  • Low energy consumption (7.5 - 25 Watt )
  • Back anodised aluminium die casted enclosure with shiny glossy cover.