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Pcap touchscreen expansion: 23.8, 24, 27 and 31.5 inch in stock now

PCAP built in touchscreens

We have expanded our pcap built-in kits with the following products deliverable from stock now:

  • 23.8 inch pcap touchscreen, sensor only
  • 23.8 inch pcap touchsreen with 4mm cover glass
  • 24 inch pcap touchscreen with 4mm cover glass
  • 27 inch pcap touchscreen with 4 mm cover glass
  • 31.5 inch pcap touchscreen with 4 mm cover glass   

Some examples of utilisation are:
  • Behind glass for 100% watertight solutions
  • Behind dielectric mirror
  • In monitors/systems 
Our service:
  • Engineering/design of our touchscreens in your device
  • Assembly of touchscreens in your product
  • Delivery of touchscreen kits with or without all kind of glasses or mirror

  • Precise multi-point (10 points) touching.
  • USB or RS232 interface, Intelligent automatic calibration.
  • Pure Glass (G+G structure), so no aging foil.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Supporting plug and play for win-7,-8 and -10. (Mac | Linux | Android with driver).
  • Touchable with finger, gloves and pen.