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Nexio's infrared (IR) touch screens have been developed for a multi-functional use of touch solutions. 
The screens are available in two forms; as a component; as building model or as recessed model.
Nexio's infrared touchscreen's are suitable for:

  • LCD flat display and Plasma displays from 10.4 " up to more than 150"
  • projection screens
  • installation in tables.


Some examples of possible applications are:

  • Outside-and inside-kiosks
  • ​Ticket devices
  • Medical devices
  • Process control systems
  • ATMs-operating rooms of hospitals
  • Commercial transport
  • Large plasma or TFT/LCD screens

The operation of the infrared Touchscreen:

The infrared touch screen is a touch frame which more common way is mounted to the front of the display screen.
The frame contains an integrated circuit board with a line of infrared LEDs. Each LED and photo transistors is put down in the opposite direction to a radius of invisible infrared light. The bezel shield contains the parts of the user environment and permit the light rays to pass through

The infrared touchscreen creates a series of vibrations of Leds networks of infrared beams.
When the user touch the screen, touch the network of infrared light beams by a stylus disturbed, the photo transistors of X and Y axis detect the IR light beams which are disturbed and send the exact signals identified by the X and Y axis coordinates of the user.

IR workspic

Diagram illustrating working principal.



The benefits of infrared touch screen:

  • 100% light transfer if no covering over the display screen (protected glass is an extra option in the larger sizes)
  • Almost all kinds of stylus materials can be used on the infrared touchscreen
  • ​Infrared is a fast and reliable MultiTouch touchscreen technology thanks to the improved LED materials (or SMD's).. 
  • Infrared has a longer service life and stable operation.
  • SDK package available for multitouch applications.
  • "Gestures" standard in driver.