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Surface Capacitive

Surface capacitive:

Capacitive is known for the durability , optical clarity and touch sensitivity. Capacitive touch ensures exceptional flexibility , corresponding to a variety of touch inputs.



Analog capacitive touch screens are made ​​by application of conductive coatings on clear glass sensor. The voltage is distributed to the four corners of the X and Yas . If the screen is not in use , the electrodes distribute the tension, which creates a uniform field . When a finger touches the screen , the field recognizes this as a disturbance.
Note: The screen can only discharge when using bare finger! Thus, not by a glove. The X- Y coordinate of the touch is transmitted from the controller to the serieële- or the USB port of the computer .


surface capacitive


Because the capacitive screen can be fully enclosed , with built- in monitor , the touchscreen is durable and resistant to impurities such as water, dust, dirt and grease. This falls under classification IP65 .
This makes all capacitive touchscreens ideal for demanding environments such as ; store displays , games , sales, public kiosks and industrial applications .

The " vandal resistance" can optionally be further increased by using a thicker capacitive screen . These are available in 3-6 and 9 mm thick glass layer.

Remember, today is rather chosen for the pcap variant since it also works with gloves , multitouch , and is more reliable .