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22 inch wide 5wire resistive touch kit

 5wr resistive
22 inch wide 5wire resistive touch kit
Net price (excl.VAT) €99,00
Model: 22" sensor 5WR1902FN7 with controller 5WRUSBS or 5WR232S
Name: BI-TFT 22 inch 5 wire.
Description: The 22" wide touch kit contains a non-glare resistive sensor, usb touch controller or RS232 touch controller and cables.
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493 x 320 x 2,1 mm  (16:10)

Standard provided is a driver cd.

The touch panel works on the following operating systems:
Touchkit mode:
 32 bit computers (jumper on controller not used):
MAC 9.x, 10.x until 10.5.6 (choose ELO mode for versions > 10.5.6)
RedHat 7.x, 8.x
Windows 95/98, ME, 2000, NT, CE.NET, CE3.0/5.0, XP, Vista, 7 and 8

ELO mode: Use for 64 bit computers (jumper on controller used - bridge pin 1+2) or for MAC versions > 10.5.6.
In this mode only use Elo Compatible drivers.

Controller information:
USB, The signal is delivered to the USB port and the power also comes from the USB port.
RS232 with PS/2, The signal is delivered to the RS232 port and the power comes from the PS/2 port.
RS232 internal power, The signal is delivered to the RS232 port and the power you can get it from the monitor.

Spec. USB controller

Specs Resistive touchscreen USB controller

Spec. RS232 controller

Specs Resistive touchscreen RS232 controller

Spec. sensor

Specs Resistive touchscreen sensor
Dimensions : Dimensions Specs Resistive touchscreen
Driver downloads : Driver Resistive touchscreen
General information : General information Resistive touchscreen

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