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10.4 inch SAW touch kit 6mm Atouch

saw touchscreen
10.4 inch SAW touch kit 6mm Atouch
Net price (excl.VAT) €82,00
BI-TFT10.4-GSAW6-USB / -RS232
Model: SAW 104T2G1
Name: BI-TFT10.4-GSAW6-USB / -RS232
Omschrijving: Het 10.4 inch saw touchscreen paneel is een glanzende sensor die in interne publieke ruimtes gebruikt kan worden, waar een superieur image qua helderheid en krasbestendigheid nodig is.
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Our kit includes: sensor + controller + sealing strips + cables.


Outside dimensions (wxhxt) 244 x 187 x 6 mm
Active area (wxh) 212 x 160 mm
Surface Durability: Glare tempered glass Break Resistance, meets UL-60950,
Detected touches 1 touch
Controller type: SAWUSB or SAW232, Touchkit or ELO mode via jumper.
Operating System Support: Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP, 7, 8, 10, Android, MAC en Linux.
Power Requirements: +5VDC
Operating Temperature: 0°C to +50°C
Humidity: 0 to 90% RH @ 40°C.(no dew falls) 
Speed of Response: <15 mS
Life Performance: More than 50 million touches in one location.
(Tested by a stylus similar as finger).
What it Detects: Finger, gloved or ungloved.
Touch Activation Force: Less than 85 grams
Light Transmission: 90% (per ASTM D1003)
MTBF (Sensor): Excellent, no known wear-out mechanism
Regulatory: CE, FCC and UL when installed in system
Connectivity: Serial RS-232 or USB v1.1, compatible with USB v2.0 (refer to Controller data sheet)

Spec. USB controller

Specs Saw controller

Spec. RS232 controller

Specs Saw RS232 controller

Spec. sensor

Specs Saw sensor

Dimensions sensor

Dimensions Saw sensor
List of all available panels + controllers : List available panels en controllers
Driver downloads : SAW touchscreen driver
General information : General information SAW touchscreen

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