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10.1" Rear (glass) mount (touch)Monitor

Rear mount touchscreen
10.1" Rear (glass) mount (touch)Monitor
Net price (excl.VAT) €330,00
A1Touch Solution
Type: AOD 101-OF; 10.1" Open frame (glass) mount (touch)Monitor, VGA+DVI.
Description: 10.1 inch rear mount monitor to be assembled behind glass or a finished hole of panel or control box. Built-in touchmonitor with or without touchscreen; touchscreen options like pcap behind glass or resistive, saw, ir or protection glass behind hole. Black coated metal case for vandal proof 24/7 use is public spaces.
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Color/material monitor: Black powder Coated, metal chassis (other colors on request)
Model: 10,1 inch SVGA TFT LCD Monitor 
Type: 10,1" Color Active Matrix TFT LCD (AUO G101EVN01.0)
Resolution (max): 1280 x 3(RGB) x 800
Color: 262,144 (6bit)
Pixel: 0.1695 X 0.1695 mm
Brightness: 300 cd/m²  
Contrast ratio: 1300:1
Viewing angle: 85°/85° & 85°/85° (vert/Hor)
Respons time 35 ms 
Active area: 216.96(H) x 135.6(V) mm
VGA input Analog RGB (D-Sub 15-pins) + DVI
Plug and play: Yes DDC1 /DDC2B
Power: 12 Volts. included Adapter
Power consumption: <13 watt max.
Power consumption stand by: <3 watt max. 
Temperature opration mode: -20 °C - +60 °C
Humidity operation mode: 10% ~ 90% R.H. 
Size 260x178.8x42mm (bxhxd)
Weight 1,9 Kg
Mounting: VESA 75mm,  (No bracket included in delivery; See: mounting_brackets)
Users Mode: OSD Key:  Menu / Select / Power / Down / Up
Compatibility: VESA / IBM / MAC
Functionality: With or without touch
-        without touch: Acrylic or glass
-        with touch for option "Mounting behind glass = YES": Projected Capacitive and Zytronic®. 
Not sure what to use?  Call us at +31 (0)45 5748190 or send us contactform
+ Projected Capacitive (A1touch): -For glass upto 5mm or Acrylic glass upto 2.5mm.
-Touchable with finger, glove and pcap stylus.
-10 points touch
-activation force less than 1 gramm.
-        with touch for option "Mounting behind glass = NO": Projected Capacitive with cover glass of 3 or 4mm thick with black borders  
+ Projected Capacitive (A1touch): -Standard glare float glass.
-Touchable with finger, glove and pcap stylus.
-10 points touch
-activation force less than 1 gramm.
External protection: Standard IP44 or IP65 or higher
Touch controller interface: USB, RS232 with external power or RS232 with internal power
Video input: VGA+DVI 

Specifications / Manual :

Specs 10.1 rear (glass) mount (touch) monitor manual
Dimensions : Dimensions 10.1 inch rear (glass) mount (touch) monitor 
Driver downloads : Driver downloads

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